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The Way to Get More Than 11 Pages Of iPhone Apps 

 Here is a fascinating question for you iPhone owners. Especially those of you that download tons and a lot of apps. How can you get over 11 pages of iPhone apps on the apparatus? The Apple iPhone restricts the user to a total of 11 observable home screen web pages. In this article, we will look at a key technique that is circulating on the Internet that will enable app-aholics to squeeze their apps to more than 11 visible pages. 1. What About Folders? A number of you might ask, why don't you use the "folder" concept available in iOS 4 working system. This way you are able to spoil some of your programs within those folders and save screen real estate. That's all fine and good - however, you are still confined to 11 pages of programs, in spite of the folder concept. Additionally, some users I know do not really like the idea of folders anyhow. So what do you do? Read on and Discover out more...

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 2. Consolidate Your Apps So let's move right along. The very first thing we want to do is to presume you - that the app-aholic - has already merged 11 pages of iPhone programs. In case you have any additional ones, these will not be displayed on the iPhone display. They're hidden in iPhone limbo somewhere. 3. Move Default Apps On The Last Page The next thing to do is to recognize a set of default apps that you don't use like "Weather," "Stocks," "YouTube," "Audio Memo," etc.. 

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Transfer these to the last page (i.e. the 11th page). And it's true - that I know many users do not really use "Weather" or "Stocks" which are provided by default on the first home screen webpage. 4. Drag An Icon In The 10th to 11th Page What this does is to the previous icon in the 11th webpage to be booted off the page and to the iPhone limbo! Now you can simply download another program and replace that empty space on the 11th page that you just made. What this will be to also magically produce the 12th page for you. All of your "hidden" apps will then be observed on the 12th page. You will also discover that if you repeated the very same steps above, you can make the 13th page. more info here